We Only Have One Rule... Cross The Line.


Coyne Communications – Breaking through the limits of conventional marketing for over 30 years.


We have been guided by a determination to put together a unique team of experts, unparalleled in the marketing industry for their depth and breadth of understanding blue-chip clients and premium brands.


We have a passion for our work.


Throughout each project, a high level of energy and excitement is created. This translates into nothing less than complete dedication from each of us.


> Develop Decisive Creative Strategy

> Implement Powerful Marketing Strategies

> Deliver Highly Effective Communications

> Produce Imaginative and Innovative Creative



We assume responsibility for protecting the integrity of your brand.


> Protectors of Brand Identity

> Consistency and Stability

> Sharp Focus

> Long-Term Vitality

> Earned Recognition


Not every goal for every client can be fulfilled in the same way.


Our mission is to provide clients with the most effective marketing communications available.


> Advertising

> Brand/Product Strategy

> Corporate Events

> Design

> Direct Mail

> Interactive Marketing

> Point of Sale

> Sales Collateral

> Sales Training

> Social Media

> Trade Show Exhibits

> Video Editing Services

> Website Development